Here are a few of the messages that I have filed away in my ministry recipe box of sorts for you to choose from.  Even though these are messages that I have prepared and used before, they never come out the same way twice.  If you choose one of these I will communicate with you about the specifics of your audience and communicate with the Lord about what He has cooked up just for you! =]

In addition to these selections, I am totally open to developing a message to suit your tastes!  We will spend some time together discussing your event, theme, Biblical reference and vision and seek the Lord for His special message for your event.  Just so you up one from scratch will take a bit longer to prepare for on my end so factor that into your time line for booking me please.

Also, many of these messages have an 'apron' theme to them...but many more of my speaking engagements have been 'apron-free'...please do not feel that I am restricted to messages based in this type of example.  I am a versatile speaker able to connect with various audiences as the Lord directs and inspires the messages.

Retreat Message...

* Sisterhood of the Transforming Pants (based on Heb. 11:1-3)

Stand Alone Messages...

* Apron Strings, The Ties that Bind (relationships)
* Life Gets Messy so Wear Your Apron (life struggles)
* Lord, Help the Sister ~ a Look at Mary and Martha
* The Gardener's Apron~How does Your Garden Grow (based on John 15)
* The Carpenter's Apron~Remodel Your Life!

Holiday Messages...

* The Gift (Christmas - based on Matthew 2)
* Let it Snow, Let Him Reign (New for Christmas - based on Psalm 51:7)