Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve!

Here we are...the very last day of the year!

Some of us may be wondering how we got here so fast...

Others of us may be ready to start the count-down for the ball to drop for the New Year now!

For most of us this year is probably similar to every other...a Mixed Bag. *Good & Bad  *Gross & Beautiful  *Messy & Mundane  *Satisfactory & Stimulating.

Today TV shows will probably cover the 'Best of' and 'Worst of' this past year...Hair styles, clothing options, movies, music, etc.

Many of us will start today with this evening in mind...with thoughts of a party to prepare for or which pj's we will wear while eating pop-corn and watching a delayed Time's Square celebration ringing in 2013.

Before we get there though I thought it might be a good thing to have our own personal Year in Review reflection today...a look back through all of what 2012 dished up with a specific purpose in mind...Looking for Lord's Faithfulness!

In some circumstances God's Goodness my be blaringly obvious...with that display at the forefront of our thinking and praise for Him on the tip of our tongue.

Other circumstances may require us to get in touch with our inner Nancy Drew to sort through the Clues and dust for evidence of the Father's Fingerprints in our lives.

Whichever the case...and if you are like me...and this year like will have snapshots of both the obvious and the obscure as you reminisce over 2012 with the intent of acknowledging the Hand of your Creator.

Before we don our best for the evening festivities (jammies or party dud's) and get ready to ring 2013 in and say 'adios' to this year, won't you join me in taking a look at the 'Best of' what God has done in and through you during the Good & Bad, Gross & Beautiful, Messy & Mundane, Satisfactory & Stimulating?  Let's end this year by giving Him the praise that He's due for His Faithfulness, Provision, Peace, Love and Presence that has the nature of Who He is and His heart toward each of us...permeated this past year.

And if you want to give Him a 'shout out' for His Blessings please do so here or on the Face Book's always such a blessing to rejoice in what He has done in each other's lives as well.

Serving Him and you,

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